Professional & sworn multilingual translation

Within Active Translations (translation services London) each translator specializes in one or several areas: technology, communication, law, etc. Hence Active Translations can translate documents in a great variety of subjects while ensuring the expected quality. A second native translator revises the translated documents before delivery to the client. Active Translations can manage large multilingual projects within a short delay.

Fields of Expertise / Documents

Websites, marketing, communication, legal, contracts, (micro) finance, engineering, economics, telecommunication, sciences, health, energy, environment, tourism, NGOs/PVOs, international development, education, sport, and more…

We translate websites, contracts, instruction and technical manuals, leaflets, communication documents, etc. We work over professional documents for short and larger companies, but we also deal with sworn translations for individuals.


We can work on an automatically pre-translated text to make it humanly intelligible. The post-editor responsible for carrying out this exercise will therefore have the task of completing, modifying, correcting, revising, editing and proofreading your plain text.

DTP services

If you wish, our professional desktop publishers can maintain the layout and design consistency of your illustrated documents (graphics, charts, drawings, etc.) within the translations. Please specify this information, and we will include this service in our cost estimate.


Active Translations operates a quality management system focused entirely on customer satisfaction. We offer multilingual projects management, content localization, and standardized terminology.

Furthermore, we have defined a methodology formalized in our operating procedures and applied systematically to guarantee the quality of our translation services. All the translation projects we manage are double-checked to ensure no mistake remains before delivery to the client.

Finally, Active Translations‘ native translators are based all over the world, allowing us to ensure a fast service. With the time difference advantages, projects can in some cases be closed up in less than one day, or overnight.

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