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Translation from English into French of a document on short-term contraceptive methods for PSI, an NGO specialized into health development across the world.

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French translation London – PCR TESTS

How important is to translate the results of the PCR test?

The coronavirus pandemic hit the world with a knockout. While health workers worked day in day out to fight for lives and protect us, scientists spent days and nights researching for a vaccine. Travel restrictions were issued, and when one has to travel, a PCR test for COVID is required.

Translation of PCR / COVID-19 Tests

If you are travelling abroad today, you need to perform a PCR test for COVID-19. When the test results are negative, one is allowed to travel. However, one might be asked to provide a certified translation of the PCR test results. If this happens, you will have to hire a professional translator. The COVID-19 negative test results are today’s travel ticket. More important in some countries than a passport. If you took the test in your country, you need a translation to English only. However, some destinations might require translation of the PCR test results into other languages such as French, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, and Portuguese.

When this happens, you will need the services of a professional translator. This poses a significant challenge when you are mid-flight, and the translated results are needed as soon as you land.

When is it important to translate the results of the PCR test?

A PCR screening test that shows negative results for COVID-19 might be required by certain organizations such as customs and airlines or authorities in a certain country. For example, when going for a trip or applying for a visa today, you must provide negative PCR test results.

The requirement of the negative test results depends on the regulations each country has put in place. This is to protect the country from the coronavirus and avoid spreading the virus further. Mostly, negative PCR test results are required if you are travelling from a country at risk. The destination country required the translated results upon arrival at the airport. If you have to provide the screening test, you must have a professional translator handle it. This is if the language used to write the test results is different from the language used in the specific country of destination.